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Taking a Gulet Cruise in Croatia

A gulet is a combination of beauty, nature, craftsmanship and history. From its Turkish origins, this type of vessel became very common around the Adriatic Sea. Gulet cruise in Croatia is ideal for groups of all sizes as well as for couples and smaller groups who love meeting new people.

Depending on how you have come across this article, you may or may not know what a gulet yacht is. In the world of sailing and cruises, a gulet is a combination of beauty, nature, craftsmanship and history all combined into one package that will enable you to enjoy the sea like never before.

The derivation of the name gulet goes back as many centuries as this type of boat does. Originally of Turkish design, the gulet took its name from the Venetian word goléta, a fishing vessel, borrowed from the French word for a schooner, a goélette. Of perhaps more use to you is to know that the word is pronounced 'goolette'. From its Turkish origins, this type of vessel became very common around the eastern Mediterranean region and also in the Adriatic Sea, being used for gulet charter holidays.

Gulets vary in size from anywhere between 14 and 43 metres, and are two-or three-masted yachts. For a gulet charter in Croatia, these vessels can have anything between four and twenty cabins, which equates to between eight and forty berths, making them ideal for groups of all sizes. In fact, many of the gulet cruises in Croatia cater for couples and smaller groups who enjoy meeting new people and making new friends when on holiday. When you have a common love of the sea and sailing, it is great to be able to start off knowing you'll always have something to talk about!

So why are these gulet yachts so perfect for a sailing holiday in Croatia? Well, for a start, these are traditional vessels. They ooze history and have a romantic feel to them, not so much the hearts and flowers-type love, but more historical romance. Their style is steeped in history and it is not difficult to imagine these types of yacht being used during their working days, even if for the crew back then the facilities weren't as luxurious! Timber built, there is a natural warmth and beauty to these vessels – no swathes of plastic and fake leather to be seen anywhere. The word class springs to mind.

Gulet Holidays are Perfect Opportunity to Try Croatian Food and Wines

With much of Croatia bordering the Adriatic Sea, it is no surprise that Gulet charter in Croatia is so popular. In such waters, there is so much to see, and dramatic coastlines that change in shape and nature which helps make a gulet cruise one of the most memorable holidays you are ever likely to take.

How many holidays can you think of that would allow you to drink a glass of Plavac Mali on the deck of a yacht in a marina in Split, a glass of Posip in Korcula, or an Orvas Postup while relaxing over a delicious on-board dinner? And you know what makes it even better? You don't have to open a single bottle yourself!

Gulet Atalanta - lunch time - Orvas Yachting Croatia

One of the luxuries of chartering a gulet yacht is that not only do you get the boat, but it comes with its own crew, meaning you don't have to have any sailing knowledge, and nor will you find yourself confined to the kitchen while you try and cook up a storm for everyone, though on a boat that is perhaps an unfortunate turn of phrase! Everything you need will be taken care of, so all you have to do is relax, take in the sights and think about what you are going to explore at your next port of call.

On the subject of food, part of the joy of exploring a new country is getting to sample a different type of cuisine. The food in Croatia is influenced from a number of different angles. First, seafood ranks high up, and especially around Split and down the Dalmatian coastline thanks to the abundance of seafood coming fresh from the Adriatic Sea. The Eastern European influence comes in the form of tasty stews, such as pasticada, which is a beef stew often served with gnocchi, or brodet, a fish stew served usually with polenta or rice. The neighbouring Italian influence comes in the form of pasta and delicious authentic pizza. A middle-Eastern influence can be found in the form of 'fast food', but no hamburgers or chicken here, instead we are talking about cevapcici and burek. Cevapcici are similar to very thin sausages or kebabs which are made of spicy minced meat. Burek is a pastry lover's delight with a combination of fillings separated by thin layers of pastry. You definitely have to try the ground meat, spinach and cheese burek!

Wide Range of Prices for Relaxing Gulet Cruises

Depending on the type of charter, while many routes are planned and with a choice of several harbours aside from Split to set out from, there is also the option of discussing a potential route in advance with yours captain.

Cabin on gulet Lauran - Orvas Yachting Croatia

There then comes the question of costs. The word 'cruise' can sometimes conjure up thoughts of great expense, and when you then add your own personal crew into the equation, you might think that a gulet holiday in Croatia might break the bank. Well, it needn't, and especially if there is a group of you. For example, chartering a gulet such as the Nostagija will see a per-head rate starting at €608.00 for a week's charter, while on average you could expect a per-head rate of between €900.00 and €1,200.00. At the other end of the scale, chartering the magnificent gulet Lauran will see per-head rates starting at €3,285.00.

One of the greatest joys of a gulet cruise in Croatia is you can take as much or as little interest in the actual sailing of the vessel as you want. You can relax on the deck and daydream that this is your own personal yacht and your own personal crew, or you can 'get up close and personal' when the wind gets up and all hands are on deck. Also, just in case you were wondering if you might become becalmed anywhere and your trip around the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas turns into a week stuck in the harbour, don't worry. These days all gulets have diesel engines to make sure you get to ride the seas.

Gulet on the sea - beautifuly view - Orvas Yachting Croatia

If you want to find out more about the joys of a gulet charter in Croatia let us know and we'll be delighted to tell you everything we know about these magnificent vessels.

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