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Yacht Charter Management Croatia

Charter management service

If you own a yacht and you would like to earn some extra money or just cover some costs the ideal way of doing it is to put your yacht in Orvas Yachting charter fleet based in ACI marina Split or Marina Kaštela.

Yacht charter management program is consisted of different charter management services such as: finding the berth for the yacht in a marina, maintenance of the yacht, booking, receiving the clients and all other administrative services at the base. Regardless of different management programs such as sailboat charter management, private yacht management or catamaran management, our staff can provide all mentioned services.

This way we give to yacht owners greater safety, enjoyment and peace of mind.

Yacht investment option

Yacht investment

Charter boat investment for people investing is somewhat different from any other investment. This type of investment is very often dream fulfillment for many boat owners because boat represents freedom and adventure.

Charter investment option is great for those who seek relatively fast investment return and if you choose to spend some time on board of your yacht, it’s even better. Yacht can still make good revenue even if you opt for spending some time on it during sailing season.

We also offer wide range of charter investment services. Apart from our professional advice on which type of vessel (brand, boat type and size) to choose for the charter, we are also offering help with various financing and revenue & expenses planning. If you are foreign investor, we can assist with founding company in Croatia.

Feel free to contact us for any option you choose.

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Yacht management obligations

Yacht management

Orvas Yachting obligations during the yacht management program

Prior to the agreement of charter management, Orvas will review the vessel and determine whether it meets the requirements of the quality standards for our charter boats.

If it does meet quality requirements we will include the vessel in our chartering program, sell accommodation to guests in the domestic and international markets, perform central booking and endeavour to provide the best possible utilisation of the vessel.

Orvas will offer the vessel in the market, publish brochures and leaflets, visit trade fairs, run complete correspondence with clients, book vacant capacities, contract accommodation services with clients (individual guests and agencies) and provide other administrative services.

During the chartering season, after each return of the vessel from a charter tour, we will do the check-out, inspect the vessel’s underwater part, engine, navigation equipment and inventory, and perform any necessary repairs and servicing.

Orvas will carry out the lump-sum-works for the purpose of maintaining the vessel and its equipment, by the following specification:

  • Repair works on the vessel (up to 5 work hours per month gratis)
  • Control the battery charging during the idle period
  • Bilge and bilge pump control
  • Deck window sealing – control
  • Deck control
  • Fuel and water tanks control
  • Monitoring the status of the ropes (mooring, …) and replacing them as needed
  • Winter airing – daily
  • Engine start – weekly/monthly
  • Generator start – weekly/monthly
  • Starting the air conditioner weekly/monthly
  • Washing and storage of the sun-tents during winter
  • Setting and controlling the winter tents/covers
  • Wintering the vessel and equipment after the season (washing/removing sails and deck equipment, washing and disassembling the dinghy, lubrication and tightening of boat windows, washing the bilge and general cleaning of the interior, disassembly of the gas cooker, dismantling the plotter and electrical equipment (if not covered, protection of the safety equipment and preparation for servicing, dismantling and protecting the cockpit table, … )
  • Equipping the yacht after the wintering (setting the sails, installation of deck equipment, sun tents setting, tightening the fence, dinghy assembly, gas cooker installation, plotter mounting, safety equipment assembly, etc)
  • Fresh water system service (cleaning the filters, drainage the tanks, control of tube joints)
  • Service of deck winches
  • Inspection and service of the steering system (lubrication, …)
  • Shore power cable/connection check

In addition to the afore-mentioned works, beyond the lump-sum, with the agreement of the owner, we will independently perform and/or arrange other maintenance (third-party) services and repairs such as:

  • Antifouling application
  • Hull and deck polishing
  • Repairs on the hull and interior
  • Engine and S-drive service
  • Bow-thruster service
  • Anchor winch service
  • Service and repair of electronic and electrical equipment
  • Sun tent repair and service
  • Service and repairs of inflatable dinghy
  • Gas cooker service
  • Service of the fridges
  • Toilet and installation services
  • Safety equipment service (life raft, fire-fighting appliances, pyrotechnics …)
  • General cleaning of the boat and washing of bed linen before the season
  • Washing the kitchen in the salon and cabin
  • Wash thoroughly deck and fly bridge prior to the first seasonal departure
  • Upgrade/modify charter equipment (ropes, charts, first aid, dishes, bedding, …, according to the updated “Charter Equipment List”)

Obligations of the yacht owners

The vessel should be provided with the following prescribed ship’s documents: valid navigation permit, all-risk insurance for chartered boats, insurance of passengers and crew against injuries, VHF radio-station permit, valid life-raft and fire extinguisher attestations.

The owners should prepare the vessel in according with the inventory list we provide, keep yacht and its equipment in technically fine condition, with the correct business legal status and clear ownership. The vessel should be fully prepared for navigation and cruising accommodation, including full fuel tank and all the prescribed equipment (we will give to you lists) like ship’s pharmacy contents and safety and obligatory boat equipment as prescribed by the Harbourmaster Office.

For the listed lump-sum-works the owner is obliged to pay the ‘boat maintenance’ in the amount of 200 EUR + VAT monthly during the 12 months of the contract.

The Owner pays the costs related to the vessel possession and maintenance:

  • Annual berth
  • Crane operations
  • All-risk insurance
  • Extending ship’s documents
  • Annual servicing of the vessel propulsion system and its underwater part
  • Costs of maintenance of the vessel (costs of spare parts, materials, maintenance of the technical, statutory and functional aspects) such as:
    • major repairs of the engine (overhaul, gearbox, fuel pump, sprayers, coolers, turbines)
    • installation infrastructure (pumps, electronics)
    • antifouling and underwater hull maintenance
    • anchor winch motor (if burned from wear)
    • alternator (if burned)
    • starter (if burned)
    • sails and ropes
    • life-raft and fire extinguisher attestations
    • auto-pilot repair.
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Yacht maintenance service

Yacht maintenance

When it comes to yacht maintenance services, we can offer wide range of mentioned services including different types of yacht repair, equipment checks and overall continuous care of vessel. All services we offer are displayed in yacht maintenance checklist. With the proper care and approach, yacht maintenance cost can be significantly lowered.

We see yacht maintenance as a year-round activity. The most of maintenance we do in winter period when boats get on dry dock, but our flexibility and capability to react on various situations that can occur during summer sailing season is something we are especially proud of. And of course, the better work you do in winter period, sailing season will be less stressful.

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Yacht brokerage service

Yacht brokerage

We can assist with yacht purchasing from selecting the best available vessel through identifying the overall yacht condition and investments to be done after buying the vessel.

Acting as a yacht charter broker, we cover sailing yacht brokerage, motor yacht brokerage and catamaran brokerage. Whether you’re looking to buy a yacht for private or business purposes, we are always ready to share our knowledge and opinion on various factors in this process. Due to our background in crewed yacht charter, we are also able to advise if you are considering purchasing some of the vessel that are to have permanent crew on board.

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Crew section

Crew section

The importance of crew for overall yacht charter experience is crucial. We have seen so many average yachts with great and trained crew who had very high level of customers’ satisfaction and returning clients. On the other hand, we know of some opposite cases. The success of yacht crew is determined not only from the service they provide on board, but also from their social skills and being able to recognize what would make clients on board most satisfied.



We usually use term captain if we are talking about several crew member yacht. Captain is a person who oversees yacht and passengers’ safety. Thus, he has the upper hand in any kind of situations that bring safety issues under question (such as rough weather).

Being in charge of other crew members, captain is the one whose goal is to maintain that yacht operations and services for clients run as they should. Captain’s main task is to navigate the ship and tailor the route together with the client (if client has private yacht rental).


Unlike captain who has crew to organize all of work on yacht, skipper is usually related to a person who operates a smaller vessel, either alone or accompanied by the hostess. Obviously, skipper’s main responsibility is to operate a yacht and take care of both yacht and passengers’ safety.

Other skipper responsibilities include smaller repairs, making reservation in ports or marinas, keeping track of weather forecast and any other task relevant for keeping the yacht charter going smooth. Very often, skipper is a person who can contribute with knowledge about local experiences, restaurant recommendations and things to do in general. Overall, skipper is rarely just a skipper, but also a valuable local guide.


There are more advantages in having hostess on board. As a valuable crew member, hostess has more responsibilities including taking care of provisioning and groceries on board (including daily shopping), preparing meals (hostess can prepare simple dishes, don’t expect haute cuisine) and keeping the boat clean.

Apart from these main responsibilities, hostess also keeps track of yacht inventory and groceries to make sure everything is available. Hostess can also be valuable in terms of local knowledge and recommendation for things to do.


One of the key crew members to receive good feedback from the client. Chefs are normally present on yachts that have at least 3 crew members. For these yachts, we normally send preference list to the clients so chef can know in advance what kind of food guests want to have on board. This way, food menu on board is tailored for each group of clients arriving.

This also means higher probability of guests being satisfied. Importance of yacht chef is crucial – if guests remain hungry, yacht charter experience can’t be good. Therefore, chef needs to understand clients’ preferences and make sure food is being prepared accordingly.

Focus on local and authentic ingredients might be a plus for many guests, but not for those who seek international dishes. Apart from preparing delicious food, chef should also take care of food presentation and keeping all spaces where food is prepared superbly clean.

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