Galesnjak the Island of Love in Croatia

There is an island in Croatia which causes a tingling feeling in all the lovers of the world. It’s small in surface and uninhabited. There are no natural beauties, only low vegetation. And yet, was one of the most popular islands in the world. The island is called Galesnjak (Galešnjak), and what sets it apart from thousands of other islands around the world is its unique look – Galesnjak is heart-shaped.

Galesnjak - heart shaped island in Croatia - Orvas YachtingGalesnjak first caught the public eye in 2009 when Google Earth recorded its unique shape. However, the first chart of the island was created in the early nineteenth century by Napoleon’s cartographers. The island was then included in the Atlas of the Dalmatian Coast, made in 1806, but it’s fair to say that Google was to thank for Galesnjaks’ fifteen minutes of fame.

Today, the island is nicknamed “the island of love” or “lovers’ island” and it’s a highly popular destination for couples. Many come to the island for a honeymoon, to celebrate important anniversaries, and young men often choose Galesnjak as a place in which they will propose their beloved. You could say that the island has some sort of an aura, almost magical charm that attracts people in love.

So what can you do at Galesnjak? As we’ve already mentioned, the island is uninhabited: there are no tourist facilities or any man made buildings. But this is what attracts its visitors: the island’s wild, adventurous atmosphere, the fact that it’s an isolated, quiet, peaceful place where no one will bother you – so unlike other destinations in Croatia which are usually littered with tourists. It’s a perfect location to create many romantic memories.

The island has several pebble beaches; although not among the best beaches in Croatia, they are pleasant enough to enjoy a romantic swim.Galesnjak island Croatia - full beach - Orvas Yachting Galesnjak is surrounded by the emerald-blue sea of the Pasman Channel, adding to its heaven-like atmosphere. Most of the people who visit wish they could stay for several days, but, unfortunately, that is not possible as there is no accommodation on the island. Therefore, the only option for those who wish to spend the night on Galesnjak is camping. Many who visit the island actually settle on the nearby island of Pasman or the city of Zadar. As there are no ferry lines to Galesnjak, the only way to visit is with a chartered boat or yacht. Fortunately, there are several rental agencies in both Zadar and Pasman Island.

In addition to being the island of love, Galesnjak also bear the title of “the island of peace”: the family that owns the island planted olive trees (the olive branch being a symbol of love and peace) throughout it. There are also plan to connect Galesnjak with other heart-shaped islands around the world through a project called “the World Archipelago of Love”. The Croatian Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian National Tourist Board recognizes the island as a place of exceptional value, and a variety of influential media, such as the Huffington Post, reported on its unique arrangement.

It is a great destination for all who want to share the wonderful romantic moments with their spouses: perfect for relaxing, camping, picnic and rest – Galesnjak will surely stir up the flame of love.

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